Is Your Home Luxury?

Is Your Home Luxury?

What does the word ‘luxury’ mean when we talk about homes? For some, luxury means exclusive, while for others, it may mean of high quality materials. But, when talking about any sort of home – a beach or mountain luxury home, for example – we could say that luxury means exclusive – that no one will have a home like yours.

So, how do you know if your home is exclusive? You could consider the square footage, the number of rooms, or the pool or garden. However, there is much more to it than that.

First, the location is one of the most important factors. A building in Manhattan, or in the mountains, or beach side is much more exclusive than a building in a suburban setting.

What sort of views does it have?

Now, what characteristics does it have that would make it special? A large garage? A terrace or balconies? A home theater? This all depends on your personal taste, but the key is to find something different that people will talk about.

If the home is in an urban zone, the qualities and finishings used in the construction, the design, the garage, the height, the gate, security services and more are all determinates in whether or not a home is luxury. A gym, spa, physical therapy services, cleaning services, washing services, catering and more all are signs of a luxury location.

If the home is in a residential zone, you have to be sure to have a security level appropriate for the area. And, keep in mind how close it is to stores, services, and more. If it’s too far away – not luxury.

If it’s a home that has more space and property, consider tennis courts, a helicopter landing pad, golf course, restaurants, go-karts, or boat rides.

So, in the end, what makes it luxury? Personalization and location.